Guide tp MRCPCH part 1


Guide to MRCPCH part 1
Consist of two papers, each of 2½ hours duration
Both papers are held on the same day, Paper 1a in the morning and 1b in the afternoon.

  • Paper 1a
    focuses mainly on community or primary care practice ( Generally the easier one with high pass rate)
  • Paper 1b
    focuses on the more complex paediatric problem-solving skills and on the scientific knowledge  ( more difficult, need more work)

Note that you can enter both papers on the same day or to enter only one and attempt the remaining paper at a later date.
Questions: each paper consists of:

  • 12 Extended matching questions (EMQ) worth 9 marks each (3 per item)
  • 15 Multiple true-false questions worth 5 marks each (1 per item)
  • 48 Best of five questions worth 4 marks each

There is no requirement for period of training in paediatrics before being able to enter the exam
How to apply?

How much time do you need?
Controversial! Depend on how much basic knowledge do you have
Roughly 3 months of if you can spare 3 hours daily ( I was working full on call Rota at my exam time )
(1)   Books: do not waste your time in reading lengthy text books! MRCPCH Master Course: Volume 1 & 2 (MRCPCH Study Guides) are very comprehensive and very helpful for the exam especially volume 2. You do not need to revise every chapter in these books but systems revision (renal, GI, cardiology) are very useful. Also metabolic disease section.
(2)   MCQs books :
Basic Medical Sciences for MRCP Part 1, (MRCP Study Guides): very useful for paper 1a. Spare you reading community paediatrics. All you need to do is solve the MCQs
MRCPCH 1: Essential Questions in Paediatrics: is a must! Questions are very similar to real exam and answers to MCQs are very detailed.
(3)   Exams websites :
Onexamination: personally I used this website and found it useful. Difficult questions similar to the original exam. Answers are bit lengthy and not always comprehensive. I used it for only 2 months before the exam.
Pastest: I have not used this website but few people find it useful beside it is cheaper!
(4)   Specimen papers:
I cannot stress enough how useful this specimen papers are. There are quite similar to real exam and at least 2 or 3 questions will be repeated in real exam.
I would suggest revising Basic Medical Sciences for MRCP Part 1, (MRCP Study Guides) for paper 1a and read MRCPCH Master Course volume 2 and MRCPCH 1: Essential Questions in Paediatrics for paper1b ( 1st revise the MCQs for the particular system and then go over that chapter in the book ). Do one exam website either pastest or onexamination and before the exam make sure that you revise the specimen paper and their answers.
All the above books are available in local libraries in Khartoum in form of copies.
Mofageen enshalla,
If you would like to ask about anything, you can contact me on my email :
Fi aman Allah,
Fatima Eltoum


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